And so it Begins

So, since all love stories are different I will share a shortened version of ours. My husband and I met while working together at a retail store. He was recently retired from the US Navy and I was just trying to have a job while going to school. We started dating in August of 2008 and four wonderful years later we got married on the same day we started dating. So, after the wedding my husband, Josh, and I started talking seriously about growing our family. We both knew that we wanted to have children together(Josh has a 9 year old daunter from a previous marriage) and decided that we would start trying. So, in September 2012 I stopped taking my Birth Control(BC). We just decided that we weren’t going to prevent it anymore, just let things happen as they would.

We were trying and just having fun. No tracking, no apps, no test, just having a fun with each other. I started tracking my periods after a few months and I would look up on sites when I was ovulating but if we didn’t have sex then it wasn’t a big deal. During that time my husband lost his retirement from the US Navy, we applied for VA benefits in November 2012. While waiting on that, our lease was ending where we were renting, and we decided to buy a house. In February 2013 we decided to stop trying. As in, I “wasn’t” looking up when I was ovulating and still tracking my periods. My husband said he wasn’t looking into things anymore but he would randomly walk into the room and say something like, “I read somewhere that it can take up to a year for you to get pregnant after being on BC.” So, we were trying not to look things up and do the research but we both were. I will say that we did back off on messing around when we believed that I was ovulating but if we did and found out we were pregnant, that was OK too.

August 2013 we bought our first home together. It was very much a fixer-upper but we were/are ok with that.  So, October 2013 I started using an app on my phone to help track the periods and when I would be ovulating. But I was still a little concerned because we still had not heard anything from the VA and I wanted to wait until we were a little more stable. I understand that everyone says there is always a better time to have kids and if you want to wait for the perfect time that will never happen.  BUT I just wanted to wait until we were going to receive the VA money because that would pay our mortgage which meant any extra money could go straight toward savings or other things(baby stuff). After the stress of buying a house was all done and in November 2013 we finally heard form the VA that the funds would be coming in February 2014. So we got back into the game….or the sack!

The trying was still fun but nothing was happening and with how long we had been trying I decided to schedule an appointment with an OB. Which puts us where we are at now. My appointment is next week and I am actually pretty excited for it. I can’t wait to finally start getting some answers.


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