First Doctor Appointment

My first Doctors appointment was last week on Wednesday(05/14/14). I was extremely nervous all day even though I had a feeling I knew exactly how the appointment would go. One of my friends had already gone to an appointment with this doctor. She had been trying for 9 months and said the appointment was a breeze. She walked in, was told to do basic blood work, and was put on Clomid. Knowing this information, I was hoping that this is how my appointment would go.

Fast Forward to the appointment. I go into the exam room with the Nurse and she asks me,” So, Why are you here today?” I explain to her that I needed a PAP…Also, that my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for over a year and a half and it hasn’t happen. The nurse tells me the Doctor does one or the other, she can’t do both appointments. I told the nurse that I can always reschedule the PAP, my husband came to this appointment so we could discuss a baby, so, let’s make this a fertility appointment. With that decided the nurse said she needed to ask me some questions and that they were a little weird. She begins to ask me, “Do you have trouble walking? Do you have trouble with everyday tasks like shopping? Do you have problems eating? Do you fall a lot? Do you have an bruises?” I responded with, “I don’t have have any bruises…you can check if you want just don’t judge my white legs!” I am the kind of person that tries to make jokes and make people laugh when I am nervous. She said that the doctor would be in shortly and that she would go get my husband. The nurse also told me the undress from the waist down because she may do a pelvic exam. Well, my husband had already said he DID NOT want to be in the room when the doctor did the exam. He said, “I can handle seeing you naked but I don’t want to see someone examine you” LOL.

My husband comes in the room and says, “I have never been so upset to see you with your pants off.” Josh is a jokester like myself. So, the Doctor finally comes into the room and we begin talking. Just asking us questions about my cycles, diet, smoking(which i don’t), health history, and other things. The Doctor then started asking Josh questions since he does already have a child. He brought up his military time and his exposure to radiation. After all the chatting she got down to business. She said that normally what happens is blood work from me, sample from husband, and then a radiation exam(or something like that) where they shoot a liquid in my cervix then take me to radiology to verify Im not “clogged up”. The doctor then says she doesn’t like doing that test unless she has to because it is painful and difficult to schedule. The Doctor then asked if I was opposed to using prescriptions to help…..I know where this is going! Not opposed at all! So, she tells me I have to get blood work done, Josh has to give a sample and that she will give us Clomid. The Doctor then explained Clomid(which I already knew about) and says that her plan is to give us Clomid for 2 months; if nothing happens she will up the dosage and contact an RE. The Doctor also said that if we wanted to we could skip her step and go straight to the RE. I said no to that, I wanted to try the Clomid. After all this the Doctor said she was going to go “take a listen” and for whatever reason my husband and I thought that was the pelvic exam. When we asked her that she said,”No, Im not listening to your uterus…I’m not a uterus whisperer. I can’t tell it to make a baby!” It was hilarious. Both my husband and I started laughing and we both knew she was the Doctor for us. With our sarcasm and our sense of humor we were glad to see that our Doctor had one too!

I left the appointment very happy and Josh did too. I am going to get my blood work done tomorrow and we are still trying to figure out when Josh will give his sample(insurance concerns/problems). I can just hope that all the blood work come back normal, Josh’s sample comes back normal, and we are good to go. So positive thoughts, prayers, whatever you are into send it our way if you can!


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