Computer problems

So, I don’t have much time to type up an update right now but I am hoping to be able to later on today. My Mac decided to die 2 weeks ago(or shortly after my last post). We thought it was the charger, bought a new one, and that didn’t fix it. My Husband is an IT guy so he has been fidgeting with it and hasn’t gotten anywhere. He thinks it might be done for.(NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!) So, Hopefully later I can get everyone back up to speed. Since the last post. I started my period =( I went to get my tube testing done, and have done another round of Clomid. New Clomid Chronicles! But since I have to use my Husbands computer it has been difficult to try to do an update, he is always on his computer. And I may have forgotten my password for this site so I had to reset that. Everything on my computer would automatically log me in. The joys and sorrows of technology. 


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