Clomid Chronicles Chapter Four

This round of Clomid was bad for us. It was still 100MG and of course, I didn’t have any reactions or negative symptoms.

Day 1

1130AM -Take Pill

Day 2

1PM- Take Pill

Day 3 

12PM- Take Pill

Day 4 

11AM- Take Pill

Day 5

1PM-Take Pill

Yeah…I messed that up! On top of already being mad at myself for messing up the times we messed when we were supposed to have sex. I was in a little pain after my HSG testing that was done on the first day of Clomid. Once, we did have sex it was kind of painful which made me a little nervous to have sex when we were supposed to. The first day we were supposed to(CD12) I decided to have a wisdom tooth pulled as well and it was not an easy task. I was in a lot of pain and on some medication for the pain as well. BUT we did it. After that, it went down hill from there.  I can honestly say that we had sex one other time when we were supposed to…if that. It was a bad run! I know that I should be more upset but it was nice to not worry about every little plan and day and event. Just to heal from the tooth being pulled and relax a little.

Not to anyones surprise I started my period this month.  And so we continue on.


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