Josh’s Doctor Appointment

First of all, I did start my period. I started a few days earlier which makes me believe that I am getting back to how my cycles where before BC. It used to be that my cycle would end where my last one started. My Cycles where/are turning into (mostly)25 or 26 day cycles and my periods are lasting longer like they used to. My periods where only 3 days and are becoming longer like before. My Cycles used to be 5-7 days and right now they are 4-5 days. That just started up again over the last few months. It only took 2 and a half years for my body to get back to what it was almost 7 years ago.

Josh has been very busy the last week or so. He had his first appointment at the VA. He started with the VA a while ago but never wanted to do the beginning doctors appointment, he’s not a fan of doctors and hospitals. He was in an accident while in the Navy that caused his back injury which means he needs to get these check up to make sure nothing else is going wrong with him. Also, the VA offers a lot to Vets and I wanted him to go for the simple fact that there are probably benefits that will really help him that other places might not look for. I was excited that he was finally going to the doctors. I wasn’t there but it sounds like it was basically a physical and check up on steroids!  The doctor did a urine and blood test, they are setting him up with a Nutritionist, a Physical Therapist, they want to do a sleep study, he’s getting a machine for his back(I think a TENS unit), and the doctor was going to ask about the semen analysis.  WHAT! That is not what I was expecting: Josh has but on a little weight which is what the Nutritionist is for, the Physical Therapist and the TENS unit is for is for his back, obviously basic blood work and urine sample, we were waiting to hear back on the semen analysis for the Infertility stuff, and the sleep study. I have thought, FOR THE LONGEST TIME, that Josh has Sleep Apnea. He holds his breath for about 10-15 seconds while sleeping and he snores very loud. He told the doctor that and the doctor said that they need to set up a sleep study. I was overwhelmed with all the information but happy that Josh is getting himself taken care of.

We got the results back from the Blood Test and everything was great except his Thyroid. The doctor said that the highest “normal” level is a 5 and Josh’s was at a 17. The doctor said that this explains the weight gain because his thyroid wasn’t really telling his metabolism to work. But this could also cause other issues. He will start medication soon but I am just hoping it had nothing to do with his sperm. If it did affect it maybe the medication will fix that. Or if it did and the medication doesn’t then we will cross that bridge if/when we get to it.

We heard back from the doctor, Josh will be meeting with the Physical Therapist, Nutritionist, meeting the doctor for the sleep study in about 2 weeks, and we were able to get the Semen Analysis done at the VA…TODAY! We found out on Tuesday that the appointment was able to be done today, no time to update the Blog since then. (Josh is asleep so there won’t be too much detail for this because I don’t know what he is OK with me sharing.) We were late first of all, then REALLY late because the VA near us is a huge maze. Once we finally get where we need to be they step into the hall and give Josh his cup. The nurse then takes us through a door and she opens another door for Josh to go “do his thing” in this room. Only it wasn’t a room, it was a bathroom. I was not a fan of that. I thought it would be a room with a bed or a chair, maybe some “magazines” or a TV…something. AND it was hot in there which I thought was weird too. Wouldn’t you want the guy to be a little more comfortable for this awkward thing that he has to do. But what do I know? Then they taped a “Do Not Disturb” sign to the door that automatically locked after you shut the door. Once Josh was done he walked out of the second door and a gentlemen met him at a different door to take the sample. Josh was very uncomfortable with the whole thing. He didn’t like having to do that, walking out of the bathroom and everyone knowing what he just did, handing over his sample to this random guy(to quote Josh) “hey man nice shirt, here’s my sperm” , waiting for the results, and potentially having to do it all over again. He said, “unless we do it ourselves” I told him that “it has been 2 years and 9 months of doing it ourselves. I don’t see that happening, you are probably going to have to do it again. “All I could do was thank him for doing this for us. I told him that I know he didn’t expect to have to do something like this in order to have a second child with his future wife. Luckily, he said for me not to worry because he isn’t backing out of having a baby. That made me feel a small sense of relief. I know that this sucks, to be blunt, but at least I know that he is in this with me. I don’t know how long it will be to get the results of the test. We didn’t really want to stick around to ask.

THE PLAN: We are going to wait to hear the results of the Semen Analysis. If it comes back bad, we will address that and go from there. If that comes back good we are going to wait a month(maybe two) to start IUI. I have been going to the gym and eating better. Josh also wants to have his medicine in his system for a bit to help him as well. We think that a month or two should be enough to get us both to a better, healthy state. July or maybe August we will get our first IUI done. I know, we are waiting, again. But my doctor said to get my weight and diet under control and I am taking that seriously, for mine and the future fetus’ sake.

Plan is in place. All systems go….once we wait….again….to get these results. Then all systems go!