Well, so much for options

It has been a little longer then expected.Josh had been traveling a lot which delayed him setting up his appointment to get tested again.

We finally discussed it and decided to start our testing so we could do IUI or IVF in October. Josh went to do his testing to check his count. Per out last discussion the doctor said she wanted a minimum of 1 million for us to do IUI. If the numbers didn’t look promising then we would have to do IVF.

The doctor finally called to give us the results. She told me that his total count was 3.6 million before wash. She said that is too low. The doctor said that they may be able to get 1 million from that but she doesn’t think that we should waste our time and money with IUI. The doctor suggested that we go straight to IVF. I was hopeful before the call that we would be given the go ahead to do IUI. Not that I didn’t think about the possibility of being told IVF was the only option but it was a tiny thought, behind IUI.

The call was quiet for a moment because I didn’t know what to say. I was stunned silent. This is the only option? Oh my goodness, the cost. I finally found my word to ask her to about the financial assistance that is offered to us. I remember there was a woman that we could contact to walk us through our financial options. The Doctor gave me her name and number. She said to contact this woman and that she knew of a few other options for us. The Doctor obviously said that we could look into foundations but to be careful with those. She knows there is one that offers a “bundle package deal” type option. The doctor also said that the facility also offers a program that if our 1st IVF round doesn’t work, it will allow us to get the 2nd IVF round free (if we qualify). That was something promising. The Doctor stated to look into our options and that obviously if we qualify for the 2nd program not to buy multiple rounds from the first. The Doctor stated to talk it over with Josh, look into all your options. If we decide to do IVF to contact her.

I could barely make it through the rest of work. I was dreading talking to Josh. I finally got the courage to call Josh to tell him the news. He said he was sorry, which I didn’t want to hear. I just wanted to know what he was thinking about what we should do. On a side note, Josh and I have been eating better and working out. We have both lost weight. Josh said we need to stick with that. If we are spending $15,000 on this then we need to put ourselves in the best position for it to work. We will be waiting, yet again, to do IVF. We are going to do more research on what financial options we have, continue to lose weight and be healthy, and go from there. I am really hoping we can get all the info and be in a good spot to do our first IVF cycle in October or November. We will see. We will figure out something to get our miracle baby either way.