When we finally started using the OPK I knew what I was looking for BUT was getting very annoyed because all I was seeing was this:


With the conversations Josh and I were having about ,”What to do if you don’t ovulate” I was getting unbelievably nervous. What if I don’t ovulate? I mean, I know that it has been 2 years(and 5 months) and we have never checked that before. I know now that we should have just bit the bullet and bought the OPKs earlier but now that we were using them I was scared that I didn’t. I don’t know why I was worried because from the BPT I knew I ovulated late. It’s still trying on the soul when you keep seeing that BFN every day or twice a day!

One morning before work I forgot to test and knew that while I was at work I needed to not use the restroom at least an hour and a half before I left work. That way I gave myself the time to take the test right when I got home. I come home, chat with Josh for a moment, then go to the restroom. I set a timer because I will either A. sit there forever and wait for an answer or B. forget about the test and miss the result. When I hear the timer go off. i trot to the restroom with no particular thought in mind. I was just blank because every other time it was negative. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.


I Screamed!!!! Holy Sh#t! BOO, YES, IT SAYS YES, I OVULATE, IT SAYS YES, LETS DO THIS!!!! I was excited to put it lightly. CD17 this time. We both agreed that we are going to buy these for the next few months and still can’t figure out why we didn’t buy them sooner. With the Clomid we were always focused on doing it early. We even changed the time we took it to an earlier time to see if that would help. Obviously not. Josh thinks that because we were always focused on the early part of the cycle that maybe it truly was bad timing. To a point I agree but with how long it has been I don’t know if I fully agree with that. It can’t just be “bad timing”

With my new job and not knowing how the insurance works there we figured that for now OPK are our best shot until we figure out my insurance in March. I get all the insurance information on my first day(February 23rd) we will determine what to do from there. As I said before, my doctor wants to meet so that is the first step or get 2nd opinion then go from there.

I am supposed to start on Valentines Day…so romantic. Way to ruin everything Flo! In a week we will see what happens. Let’s get the BFP!!!



So I apologize I haven’t updated. Still no computer, though my husband did get me a tablet which is very hard to try to type a blog entry on but I’m managing for this one. To get to the point, my husband and I messed up this round of Clomid, I had a wisdom tooth pulled among other things. So, this next cycle of Clomid is my last round and after that is our “break” to get the roof fixed before we get into insemination. I will still do my endometriosis testing but we will hold off on the baby part. I was wondering what the thoughts where on taking Clomid days 3-7 compared to days 5-9? I have heard both and when I called the nurse line before my HSG she said “continue taking it 3-7” and I corrected her with what the doctor said, “5-9” to which she responded with something like yes that. So, I was wondering all of your takes on the timing.


Appointment Scheduled

I scheduled the appointment I have been hoping that I wouldn’t have to schedule. I called the other day to set up the appointment thinking that I was going to lose a month waiting for an appointment and that was not the case at all.

I called on Thursday, explained my situation, that my OBGYN said I would take Clomid for 2 months at 50MG and if nothing happened we would see and RE. The receptionist on the phone asked what my schedule was like each day. I told her I work a typical 9-5 which she responded with, “that’s fine she does late appointments too. How is Monday at 615pm?” I was shocked! Thats only 5 days away, 2 business days! I told her that I was scheduled to start my period that day so I didn’t know what we would do if I started or didn’t? She said that the doctor wouldn’t do an exam anyways because this is just the first appointment to see whats going on with me. If I did start then they would check to see if I was in fact pregnant. So, we will see what happens!

Unfortunately, my husband can’t come to this appointment. We work the same shifts and he needs to go home to take care of out dogs. I wish that he could come with because I am nervous about this appointment. I was hoping that it wouldn’t come to this. That I wouldn’t have to see a specialist. I know that I could still be pregnant but just the fact that I had to schedule the appointment is enough for me to want to go find a nice big rock to live under! As I have said before, I am trying to stay positive. I am not becoming extremely depressed like I was before but this feeling almost of defeat. Like I was given the chance and a little assistance to do this myself and I couldn’t do it. Now I need help, actual help because I can’t do this on my own.

Time for the testing now. Time to see(hopefully) what the actual issue is with us. That is my positive, that is what is helping me not lose my cool with this. So, hopefully its not too painful and hopefully we can get some actual answers. Let the testing begin.