My First Pregnancy

On November 5, 2016 I saw my first positive pregnancy test. I was so nervous that we told very little people. Due to this being so unexplained I was very petrified it would end as quickly as it began. My MIL and Mother knew because of the calls made that day. The next day was my best friend’s son’s birthday party so I had to tell her. She cried and was so excited for us. Besides that I wasn’t telling anyone until after the first trimester. I was sick ALL THE TIME my first trimester. Not morning sickness, I had the flu, my entire first trimester. It was awful. Unable to take any medicine made for a very miserable 3 months. Thanksgiving I was very sick. No voice, sore throat, congestion, headaches, the works. I had that for around 2 weeks. I was OK for a little bit then got sick again shortly after Christmas and the worst of it hit New years night/day. I had the same symptoms as before but worse. My throat was so sore I only ate very cold/warm foods. I loved the sorbet Popsicle at Giant Eagle. They were so soothing. We announced on Christmas day, a little before the end of the first trimester. We thought it would be a great surprise to share it then. We told my stepdaughter first by giving her a shirt. We used that picture and a ultrasound to announce on Social media. The response was overwhelming. We received so many messages, comments, and text sending well wishes our way.

The first image is how I told my fathers side of the family at our family Christmas Eve party. The second image is the one that was posted on Social Media. Sorry, I’m not good at editing. I took video as much as I could during the pregnancy so I have video of when I told my step daughter and my Dad’s family. It was amazing. Overall, the first trimester wasn’t that bad. I was so unbelievably nervous and petrified. At the same time I tried to enjoy the fact that this was happening and that I was pregnant. Besides the flu, my morning sickness was just nausea…often without actually getting sick. I can’t complain too much about that.

My second trimester was a breeze. I wasn’t sick anymore. My friend let me use her at home Doppler and the beginning of the 2nd trimester was the first time I found her heart beat. That was such a wonderful reassurance to have. Knowing my babe was there. It was the best feeling ever. I started to show around 18 weeks. As they say, my belly just “popped out”. Around that same time is when I felt her kick for the first time. It was amazing. I think that she did kick sooner but I didn’t know what it was. It was such a faint flutter I know now but at the time I just thought it was gas or something in my gut. Silly, I was nervous for the scan at 20 weeks but all was well. I was very excited after our scan to find out all of her measurements were good. I did have to redo some of the measurements as well as redo my glucose test. I passed the 2nd time but it was not fun re-doing that test. I did have a few symptoms that made the 2nd trimester less fun. I developed insomnia. It was the worst. I was getting about 2 hours of sleep each night. There was also about a week where I developed sciatic pain. I remember one time specifically trying tie my shoes and I almost collapsed from the pain. I am so grateful that only lasted a week. The end of the 2nd trimester is when I finally bought maternity pants. I was buying shirts often but never pants for some reason. I just used a maternity band. Which was awful. It was fine at first but then my pants where just always falling down. The maternity pants didn’t fully fit my belly and they always fell down as well. I was happy for my third trimester to know my babe was almost here….and my pants would finally fit.

The third trimester. At first it was fine. It was just the 2nd trimester continued. Feeling good. My blood pressure and numbers were always good. My weight gain was fine and I was always measuring on time. The further I got into the trimester the harder it got. As I expected. I was told I was due July 17th. I always knew she was going to be early though. My back pain became very very difficult to bear. I would try to walk often and drank a lof of  water. Nothing really helped though. I just tried to rest and stretch as much as I could after I got home from work. Starting the beginning of June my feet and legs started to swell towards during work as well. Each week it got worse. I called my doctors’ office to verify what was happening was normal. They said it was but I went there to show them because I had the worst cankles I have ever had. When I got there they just told me it was normal and I need to elevate them, ice them, and drink water. I felt like “this can’t be normal”. It was. But I was in pain everyday and it became very overwhelming. It was and it was a pain I had never felt. My co-worker actually advocated for me to be able to work from home more often but it wasn’t allowed. I was very grateful someone spoke out for me. I felt that made it look less like me complaining and more like someone else noticing my struggle and trying to help. That happen the 3rd week of June. I told my co worker that in July I would pull my boss aside to ask to work from home more. I work an hour from home and my hospital I would be delivering at. For that reason I wanted to be home more often just in case I went into labor.

The closer we got towards the end the more my doctor said that she thinks that my babe “won’t be tiny”. She was saying that she will most likely be a 9-10 lbs baby. This just reassured me that I would go early. I was a 7lb baby and Josh was 9lbs. It wasn’t outside the realm of possibility to have that big of a baby. I just knew our Sadie wasn’t going to be that big because she would be early. June 26th I had a doctor appointment and the doctor said that she was very convinced the baby would be big if I went full term. I was slowly dilating but I went from .05 cm to 1 cm in 2 weeks. With those to things she said that we should schedule a induction date a week earlier just in case. The doctor said that with it being my first there was no way to know if I would go early or not but we would schedule this just in case. The doctor also said that every time she scheduled an induction the mom went early. I was nervous about being induced because I heard a lot of rough stories about Pitocin and induction labors. The 27th I was at work and called to schedule my induction date. We schedules it for July 13th. I was very excited. VERY EXCITED!! I told my boss my new “Last day of work” that obviously it could be sooner but that was my induction date. When I came home that night it was just a normal night. I ate and then my husband and I hung out. We were laying in bed just listening to music. Putting music on my belly, which is something we had not done before. We started with calm, classical music. Then we had some fun and played DMX and Pink Floyd. I eventually went to sleep and never knew that everything was going change that night.

I was going to do this and the birth in one but it would be way too long. One last blog about the birth.


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award is an award that recognizes the unique voices of women across the world. Thank you Bosma Life for nominating me for this wonderful Award!

The rules:
1. Link to the person who nominated you.
2. Add the award logo.
3. Answer the questions your nominator has asked.
4. Nominate 7 other blogs.
5. Ask your nominees 10 questions.

I nominate:

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Questions for Nominees:

1. Do you have any pets?

2. Favorite Movie/Book?

3. One place you would like to visit in your life or favorite place you have visited in your life?

4. What was you favorite Christmas(Holiday) gift that you gave or received this year?

5. What is one thing that you don’t have the guts to do but you wish you did?

6. What kind of music do you listen to?

7. (stole from SettlingMud) What’s an experience (big or small) that you know changed you forever?

8. What was the moment in you fertility journey that you knew/realized that you weren’t going to get pregnant on your own and needed medical assistance?

9. Why do you blog and what made you start?

10. Biggest Pet Peeve?

My Questions:

1) What is the oddest thing a fertility doctor (OB/RE/Family doc) has ever said to you regarding you fertility or lack there of?

-The doctor was going to listen to my heart but we thought she was going to do something with my lady bits. ”No, Im not listening to your uterus…I’m not a uterus whisperer. I can’t tell it to make a baby!”

2) If you had one wish (other than baby related things – we all have that wish) what would it be?

-Win the lottery(selfish I know): I can get rid of all debt, pay off house, fix house, help family with paying off houses or buying houses….and of course get this baby train going!

3) If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

-A Dolphin. I don’t do well with water. I love the water but with sever Asthma and fear of water, those things don’t work well together!

4) What is ONE moment in your life you will NEVER forget?

-My first kiss with my husband and the feelings that came with it!

5) Is there something you would change about yourself internally? (no physical traits) Why haven’t you?

– My insecurities with myself. That is a battle I struggle with on a daily basis.

6) In your opinion how has the world changed from childhood to now?

-It’s worse from when I was a kid. Spanking wasn’t considered child abuse, kids had respect for adults and themselves, playing outside was the highlight of our lives, technology was spiked with a cd walkman, you earned your keep, and many more things that are different from now to when we were kids. Now, I have responsibilities…the biggest difference from when I was a kid to now!

7) What is your secret pleasure?

-TV (outdoor channel lately because I got a Bow for Christmas so I am getting tips)

8) What is one thing you really want to do but haven’t? Why haven’t you?

-I want to go to college and get a degree. I haven’t done that yet because life gets in the way. Last time I was in school was right before we got married:planning a wedding, school FT, and work FT was very difficult for me. I also learned at that time I can’t do online classes. My plan is to go back this year…depending on our baby situation.

9) When was the last time you laughed? What did you laugh about?

-I was just watching Big Bang Theory…enough said!

10) If tomorrow was the end of the world, what would you do?

-Be with my husband. That’s all I need and my dogs!

Random Question: How do I post pictures of the Awards I have been given on my blog?